August 28, 2013

Gluten Free Strawberry Cobbler

There's some pretty exciting news on the home front here at Charm Hour.  Not only have a I graduated from nursing school with my MSN, but I am also now registered to take the national licensing exam in just a few weeks.

And while it's totally awesomely wonderful that I don't have to go to school, take tests, or attend meetings about how totally in debt I am, it is a little sad that I won't be seeing all of my friends so regularly without any of the planning and coordination that real life requires.  

This is only more true for my dear friend Sydney.  Like me she came all the way out here from the other side of the country, except she's my opposite being from California.  She also happens to have Celiac Disease, which is the impetus for all of the gluten free recipes making their appearance.  If you haven't tried it yet, think about making this gluten free pumpkin bundt cake - it's really delicious.  This cobbler came about because Sydney generously offered to leave me all of her extra non-perishable foods when she moved back to California.  It was seriously SO much food.  And considering both of Joe and my incomes are just loan overpayments, and now I'm done with school we are very much scrounging, so this is definitely a saving grace.  It was the least I could do to bake her a little something before she left- and this seemed like a pretty darn good option.  

The only problem with a lot of gluten free recipes is that they take a lot of weird flours.  It's a pretty serious investment if you're just trying to make one person a thank you gift, or make a guest-friendly dessert.  Which is why this particular dessert is extra awesome.

This uses gluten free cake mix- meaning you don't need to hunt down any strange ingredients.  I used Bob's Red Mill Vanilla Cake Mix, but there are plenty of other types out there.  All you need is the mix, whatever ingredients it calls for (probably an egg and oil) and your fruit of choice.

You'll Need:

gluten free cake mix
additional item the mix calls for (probably an egg and vegetable oil)
your fruit
a small amount of sugar

First, you're going to mix up the cake batter.  Add whatever it says it needs, and mix it all up.  Feel free to get creative and add some spices at this step like cinnamon or allspice.

Next you're going to get your fruit ready.  This is where it may diverge if you're using a different type of fruit. 

For strawberries, I just rinsed them, diced them up,mixed them with a couple table spoons of sugar and left them to sit for a few minutes.  I probably used about 2 cups of fruit, but I didn't measure or anything.

This would work for blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and any of the softer fruits like peaches.

If you're working with something harder like apples, I would sauté them with a pad of butter and brown sugar on low heat until the butter and sugar combine and the apples start to soften.

Then all you do is grease your pan, fill it 2/3 full with cake mix, and pour your fruit mix over the top.

I forgot to mix in spice with my batter, so I sprinkled mine on top.

If you've got batter left over, go ahead and make yourself some cupcakes.  You deserve it!

And then bake!  You can go with the temperature on your package, or just bake at 350 for about half an hour, or until it looks golden brown and a knife in one of the more battery parts comes out clean.

Take a big bite and enjoy!

And to Sydney- I wish you all the luck in California.  Stay in touch!

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