June 01, 2013

Second Dinner and Drinks at Quartino's

After dinner at Emilio's Tapas, we bid farewell to Joe and headed back to the Allerton Hotel to rest our legs, relax, and do a little reading.

 view from our window

We had first dinner around 4, so by 8 we were more than ready for second dinner.  We'd been to Quartino's before and loved it, so we figured it would be an ideal place to just sit in the bar, enjoy a drink or two, and nibble on some small plates.

I ordered a glass of wine, which came in this lovely little carafe.  I love when I can keep refilling my glass!

We ended up ordering fondue with bread and extra apples.  The petite little cooker has it's own candle under it to keep it warm.

Who doesn't love cheesy bread?!  Plus apples, so I can pretend it's a little healthy.   I highly recommend it!

One of the Miami-Indiana play off games was going on, so the bar got increasingly crowded as men filtered in to check on the score and follow the last few minutes (that's all that ever matters in basketball).

I didn't realize until I already had a beverage that this delicious drink on the sign is actually on the menu and I totally wanted one.  I also recognized I probably had enough wine and would have needed some motherly assistance.  We decided to save it for next visit.  Something to look forward to!

And after the end of a long day and wonderful weekend we headed back to the hotel for a little bit of shut eye.

Thank you again, Mom, for making it all the way out to Chicago!  I know it's not easy for you to leave your work behind, but I loved being able to see you and have you there for my graduation.  I love you!
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