May 05, 2013

Afternoon with Ana continued...

Okay so after lunch we divided to conquer a few errands and then met back up to get in our last bit of sunshine.  We grabbed the essential equipment and headed to our friend Mac's house to do have some classic American fun- pigeon shooting!

This is only my second time, so I am not afraid to admit that I am not that good.  And as I learned this day- a 12 gauge is most definitely too big for me.  I will be sticking to the 20 gauge next time.  Personally, I'm just glad I didn't end up looking like one of these women (for the record- I don't agree with their political stance) because my friends actually taught me a little bit about gun safety and how to properly hold and shoot a weapon.

our shooting range 

It's hard to imagine going to a shooting range to shoot at paper targets when you can be out in this gorgeous weather.  We're lucky to have a friend with both the open land and all the gear.  And while I'm thinking about it, why is a pigeon shooter called a trap?  It makes no sense.

 Ana prepping the trap

Ana shooting her dad's 12 gauge 

What better way is there to shoot than barefoot in a dress?

 my turn!

 unreasonably big gun for me.

While we were shooting, Mac's neighbor was practicing bagpipes that you could somehow hear through the trees and earplugs every now and then. It was awesome.

After shooting we took out the dogs for a drive around the land.  His family has 120 acres, most of which is rented out as farming or hunting land, but the rest is free game.
the house and all of their red cars 

our trusty driver 

Targhee attempted to join us in the front seat, but that didn't last for long...

 Targhee and McKinley

Mac's family names all of their dogs after mountains, and these two lovable canines are Targhee and McKinley.  Targhee is a portuguese water dog puppy who has unlimited energy.  I've known her since the day she arrived!  And McKinley is the largest, sweetest dog ever.  She's a Leonberger- a mix of Saint Bernard, Newfoundland, and Pyrenean.

And after a very long run, every dog needs to lay down in a creek bed.

And then back to the house to drop off tired McKinley and the fragile pigeons.

Such a pretty lady!

And then our evening came to a close as I scurried home in time for a quick Charm Hour before dinner.

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