May 15, 2013

Bacon Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Just look at that beautiful crispy bacon.  Is there anything more delicious?

No. No there is not.

It took me a long time to come around to bacon.  It actually took me until my senior year of college.  As I said before, I was a late-comer to meat, and I hadn't gotten around to breakfast meat yet.

One beautiful evening when I was just a bit under the influence a bacon-extra bacon-pizza was delivered to Joe's dorm room.  I cannot possibly explain the amazingly mind-blowing experience it was when I tried it for the first time, so suffice it to say I am in love.  Also, because it took me so long to find and love bacon, I feel that I am justified in making up for lost time by eating lots of it.

Now, I know this is total insanity, so just bear with me.  I don't like pancakes.  I didn't grow up in  pancake family- I grew up in a french toast family (we were also a toaster family- not a toaster oven family).  BUT when I went to Stax I felt compelled to try their bacon chocolate chip pancakes.  Because for Pete's sake if there is a pancake I would love it is that one.  And holy moly are they delicious.

So Joe and I had our own go at them for dinner one night. (He is from a pancake and toaster oven family- we're total breakfast opposites).  They turned out great.

 Obviously, the first step is to make your pancake mix.  If you've got some top secret family recipe that's delicious- use it.  We just use bisquick because we're lazy, poor, and it's good enough for me.  Plus, as I said, I didn't grow up amongst pancake people- they're only for camping as far as I'm concerned.

Just follow the directions and you end up with this:

Step Two:  prep your add-ins.

In this case that's chocolate chips (I like the minis as they're not too overwhelming) and BACON!

Chop your bacon up.  Not bacon bits tiny- just chunks.

God that looks delicious.  I'm getting hungry for Second Dinner just looking at it.

Butter your pan, heat it up, pour your batter:

Add bacon:

And chocolate chips:

Getting puffy on top and crispy on the bottom?  Flip it!

Yummy yummy pancakes!

And yes, I do add more butter to these heart-cloggers.  If you're already going down, might as well go all the way!  Tomorrow you can drink water and eat salad.

Triple time!

 Even I can't serve just carbs for dinner, so we made some sides.

Green beans sautéed in bacon fat:

 jar-o-bacon fat

The bacon fat crisps them on the outside without making them shriveled and soggy.

Plus fried eggs:

one for two!

For hashbrowns we use those pre-shredded ones by Simply Potatoes and sauté them in butter or bacon fat, depending on the mood that strikes me.

The Plate!

And the spares:

We ate everything.

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