May 27, 2013

In honor of those who serve

Memorial Day is a time to honor those who live a life of military service-  those who gave their lives and those who live on with physical and mental scars.  Today we remember those who we've lost and give thanks for their acts of protection.

It's equally important to honor those currently serving, and the veterans who've returned to us.  Too many come home injured and wounded, many suffering from mental illness as well.  Post-traumatic stress is all too prevalent amongst our survivors.  In whatever way possible, large or small, I urge you to support those still with us as a way to pay homage to those who are not.  Tell a person in uniform you are thankful for their service.  Provide a compassionate ear to a friend whose served.  Treat a homeless veteran with dignity and respect.  It is not just the responsibility to the VA to care for our veterans- it is all of our responsibility.  They fight for us.  It is our responsibility to support them in any capacity we can.

Thank you to all who serve, especially Spc. Theodore Glende

Today I've been reflecting on a life lost 10 months ago today.  I met Theo during college through a few of our mutual friends from high school.  We only met a handful of times, but he left a large impact on me.  He was training in ROTC at the time to become an officer in the Army.  He had a biting sarcasm, quick wit, and a love for people laugh.  He eventually quit the officer program after finding out that he would be a reserve lieutenant.  He enlisted, and served in Afghanistan.  When he and his fellow soldiers were attacked he went into enemy fire to help those wounded- and saved the lives of five soldiers before being killed.  His death is a testament to his loyalty and courage.  He was only 23. He had just been married for three months when he died.  His loss is felt by all who knew him, but especially his family and brothers in arms.

Rest in Peace Specialist Theodore Matthew Glende.
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