July 13, 2013

Crocheted Sunflower Coasters

A new pattern!

As I mentioned in my last post, it's been a long time since I posted something in the craft realm.  But I am back in the game with these little crocheted coasters.

For my final clinical of nursing school I'm paired up with an RN who I work with full time.  Fortunately for me, I was very well matched with my preceptor Lisa.  I didn't know it was possible, but I think she might dance in even more than I do.  Before I met her, my friend Beth described her as "smart and sassy" which is accurate but a definite understatement.  She keeps me laughing and dancing throughout our late evening shifts- even on weekends and holidays.  For someone I spend over 40 hours a week with, consistently ask foolish questions, and have to pester for help regularly she is unendingly patient and understanding, which is greatly appreciated on my end.  

So not only do I owe her a thank you present just for that, but she's also moving!  So this merits some extra crafting.  I've been long at work on another gift for her that's a little more sentimental, but I thought I'd add something that's both practical and a little funny. Considering she's allergic to sunflowers, I thought this just might fit the bill.  Plus it makes a cute little housewarming gift for her new place.

You'll Need:

2 colors of cotton yarn
size D/3/ 3.25mm crochet hook

The hook could be a little bigger, and the yarn can obviously be anything you want.  I recommend using cotton yarn because I find it more absorptive and less prone to stray fuzzies.  That means it will look neater and actually soak up that condensation instead on just getting wet on top.  

I used the brand Sugar 'n Cream, which is available at Michaels and is usually on sale for 4 small skeins for $5.   I've used it for some washcloths already and really like how it holds up, even afer a few trips through the washer and dryer.  Just watch out that they have some that are scented, so you don't get home to find out it has a funky vanilla aroma.

This project also uses very little yarn.  Those balls above are what was left after making these coasters from a full skein.

First, make your brown circles.  They're a little more hexagon than circle, but let's not be fussy here.

Make a magic loop with six stitches.  Use a slipstitch to finish loop. Use a marker to denote end of round of that makes it easier.  I also tie the tail to my working strand at this point to secure it tightly, and weave the tail in when I'm finished.

Round 1:  single crochet (sc) twice in each stitch (12)

At the start of each round, slip stitch into the first stitch.  Think of this as your first sc in the pattern.

Round 2:  sc 1, 2 sc in one. repeat  (18)
Round 3:  sc 2, 2 sc in one (24)
Round 4: sc 3, 2 sc in one (30)

At this point, you can continue increasing the number of single crochets before the 2sc with each round (i.e sc 4, 2sc in one for the next round) until it's the size you like.  For my sunflowers I did one each with 3sc, 4sc, 5sc, and 6sc.  Larger coasters work well as turrets or hotplates for side dishes or a bowl of soup.

When you finish your last round, sc one, slip stitch into the next stitch, chain 2, cut your yarn, and pull the tail through.  You can then weave the ends.

 finished centers

for scale: leftmost was 3sc-2scin1, rightmost is 6sc-2scin1

And now for the petals!

Slip stitch to join up your new color.  For the first round, chain three then slip stitch into the third stitch (there are two stitches in between each slip stitch) around the circle, ending with a slip stitch into your first.

You're ready to start the very last row!

In each loop: double crochet twice, chain one, double crochet twice, and slip knot into your slip knot from the last round.

When you do you last knot, tie off and weave in.  I chained twice, cut the yarn, and pulled the yarn through.  I then tucked in through stitches on the backside.

You're all done!

for scale from top: 6sc, 4sc, 3sc, and 5sc per side

Time to put them to good use!

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