April 16, 2013

a TARDIS for Milo

I don't know if I've gotten into this yet, but I am a total nerd.  I mean spending the better part of my spare time surrounded by a couch full of yarn, and that fact that I named my dog Oy might hint to that, but it might not have been that explicit yet.  (For the record, Oy is an amazing character in Stephen King's Dark Tower series, it starts with the book The Gunslinger and will be the best thing you've ever read).

I will readily admit it- I love Doctor Who.  I'm fairly certain that Clara is already my favorite companion, I cried like a baby at the end of Angels Take Manhattan (both times I watched it), and do not like choosing a favorite doctor because every time there's a new one I hate it and then learn to love him, and let's be real it's all the same time lord, so why choose?

I'm actually quite astounded that this is my first Doctor Who themed post!  I'm in the process of working out some wonderful charts and patterns for washcloths with different characters on them which I love.  But this post is a magnificent crocheted TARDIS!  This stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space and is the time/space craft of the Doctor.  It looks like a police box because it's camouflage broke one time in 1960's England, but it's much bigger on the inside, as they are so fond of pointing out.

This one is a gift for my dear friend and college roommate, Milo.  She is a fellow sci-fi enthusiast and very good friend, and I am quite excited to pass along this little cutie.

This pattern is admittedly not the most accurate, but it's my first try and I think it came out fairly well.  People have done all sorts of things to add the details of the windows, police box sign, etc..  I opted for a simple embroider.

So, I was just going to take some simple pictures for this little blog, but it was way too much fun trying to think of fun pictures to take with the little TARDIS of the "alien planets" in landed on.  Even Joe was loving it and coming up with ideas and took some of these himself and he is not very fond of Doctor Who.  Don't hold it against him-  he doesn't particularly enjoy things that are just too weird (like Alice in Wonderland) or things that are campy (Firefly), so it shouldn't be anticipated that he'll be a big fan.  But he has been very dutifully watching this most recent season with me each Saturday and I dare say it is growing on him.  

Here are some of our best shots:

 photo by Joe

 Joe's idea, my shot

I don't know if you've met yet, but this is Joe's snake Hank.
He is a beautiful Imperator Boa.

 Seriously, so beautiful, look at that iridescence! 

 the TARDIS is under attack!

 plus, Hank has that very cool/creepy black tongue.

 As you may know, boas are constrictors, meaning they squeeze their prey to kill it.

 I tried a different camera setting here that did not work well, but it still looks kind of cool.

And then we totally digressed into just pictures of just the snake...

 Definitely my best picture today.

check out that tongue! 

And then it would be totally rude not to give my snake, Bruce, his own photo shoot...

 Bruce is a Ball Python.  

 what a little cutie!

My second coolest picture. 

As always, thank you for reading!  

And if you want to try out making a TARDIS of your own, you could try the pattern I used or find another online- there are so many.

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