April 28, 2013

Ohio Dreaming

After the weekend's festivities I made my way to Joe's house for a week of working in different medical settings to get nursing experience for school.   Joe's dad was kind enough to set up a couple different opportunities for me to shadow nurses.  On my way to work, I had a lovely drive through the country.  It's perfect for putting the windows down and turning the country music up.

 scenic Mount Gilead

 Mount Gilead

 monument close-up

 you can't tell, but those were either horses or cows.

totally surrounded by farms

And now, a list of things that I love about Ohio:

1.  Gravy can go on everything.  Especially breakfast and country fried steak, which brings me to the next thing...

2.  You can get fried anything-you-could-possibly-think-of.  After a thorough lunch time discussion, I now know the top three places in Morrow County to buy fried pickles!
 (Quaker Steak & Lube supposedly has the best because they have a little kick)

3.  There isn't just one country music station- they're almost every station.  Ads just came on?  Just press scan, cause odds are you'll hand on another one.

4.  Everything is SO CHEAP.  Gas under $3.50 a gallon, cigarettes are less than $5 (not that I buy them but as a point of comparison...) and food is unbelievably cheap.  Country fried steak with gaby, fries, and mac & cheese all for less than $7.  Tell me that doesn't blow your mind!?!

5.  Amish country has caution signs for buggies.  I don't want to make light of it, because you do really have to be careful, but I really like them.  It's like driving into the Twilight Zone.

6.  Everyone is super nice and hospitable.  This is usually a midwest generalization, but people are insanely nice here.  I have never before been to a doctor's office where the patients regularly bring in baked goods to the office.  And not just a box of Dunkin' Donuts (although they get those too), I'm talking a loaf of homemade banana bread, and fluffy donuts from a bakery of ex-amish sisters that have the baking skills of gods.  Not only is this delicious, but it's a testament not just to how amazing the patients and their families are that bring these things in, but to how wonderfully kind everyone is who works there- from the professionals in the office, to the nurses and physician.  These people are phenomenal and deserve every crumb!  Not to mention the fact that Joe's family fed and housed me for a week and lent me car to use when Joe wasn't even with me. Did I mention his family is awesome?!

7.  You can get almost any kind of food local and fresh.  The benefit of living in the middle of the country is that you farm fresh food is literally right there.  Meat comes from an actual butcher and holy moly does it make a tremendous difference (if you're anywhere near Lexington, Ohio check of Maryann's Meat Market- you'll never go back).  Eggs come with stray feathers in the box, and your fruit and vegetables are picked right around the corner.  Not to mention all the other things like honey and maple syrup you can get local, and anything the Amish can make will last longer than you.  You can even go to an alpaca farm and pick out some yarn (Sarah- we should do that next time I'm up!)

8.  Their professional sports teams are awesome! Just kidding...   sorry Joe, I couldn't help it.  At least you'll always have Ohio State Football.

Thank you again to Joe's family for hosting me and giving me a wonderful week!

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