April 18, 2013

Double-Box Dessert

This is literally one of the easiest desserts ever.  And it is freaking delicious.  

My family was never huge on sweets, and my mom was never big on baking them.  But one thing we often make and always love is brownies.  We have never made them from scratch.  In fact I can't possibly fathom why anyone would when brownies made from a box are PERFECT.  Just don't even try to screw with that.

A while ago I came across the Slutty Brownie, a drool-worthy concoction of chocolate chip cookies + oreos + brownies.  And if that's possible, then pretty much anything is possible.

Being a great lover of the peanut butter and chocolate combo (who isn't?!)  I created this version which I am tentatively calling the Double-Box Dessert - peanut butter cookies with brownies on top!  Delicious.  

If you want to get crazy, throw some chopped up peanut butter cups in between those layers and you'll have a gosh darn masterpiece!

But before I go one making up new exciting adventures, let's just get going on the basics:

The Ingredients:

- brownie mix
- cookie mix
- the other ingredients required by your mixes (probably eggs and vegetable oil)

I personally am very fond of +Betty Crocker, especially the original supreme brownie mix with the Hershey's syrup in it.  But do whichever your heart desires.

Make your cookie mix.

And spread it out in your dish of choice.  The first time I did this I made it up in a pyrex dish, and the second time I used a dessert bars cooking sheet to avoid the whole cutting process.  Even a muffin tin would probably work if you're inclined to avoid both cutting and messes.

Just smoosh it down in there.

Then make up your brownie mix and pour it on top. Simple as that.

Bake at 350 until your toothpick comes out clean.  It will take less for little minis versus a whole pyrex.

Eat up!

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