April 26, 2013

Saturday Shenanigans- College Flashback

Okay, so this took a little while for me to post a follow-up to the Friday post, but I have been crazy super busy this week, so hopefully I'll fill you in on that later today.

So we last left off with us being slightly over-served on Friday.  I am a firm believer that a big greasy diner breakfast is the prefect cure for a hungover tummy.  We met back up Saturday morning at Jack & Benny's diner on High Street and had an incredible breakfast.  Joe and I have always been diner-enthusiasts, so I became familiar with the midwestern breakfast that is slathered in gravy but never tried it since I'm a late-comer to the meat party (read more about that here).  Now that I don't live here I try to take advantage of Ohio's best features (more on that soon), and one of those is gravy-covered everything.  So I finally tried it!  I don't remember the name on the menu, but I had hash browns, bacon, and fried eggs smothered in bacon with toast.  It was seriously amazing.  Hannah was equally pleased with her choice of eggs Benedict.

We split after breakfast, and Hannah and I headed up to Denison to meet up with some old college friends from the rugby team.  On the way was one of the best, most delicious Italian markets America has to offer (they also have a restaurant, which is obviously scrumptious).


 Hannah stocked up for her trip home- big jars of sauce with a free pound of pasta with each jar!

 these chocolate eggs have a toy inside!

that orange big has the toy inside- Hannah got a fuzzy monkey, and I got a little matchbox car!

We tried to get in the important classics of Granville- frozen custard at Whit's, some college gear from Everest, a bagel and a coffee at Village Coffee.  The most important things are food, obviously.

We also were very well-timed that there was an art show from several of our friends up at Bryn Du Mansion, so we got to go and admire their wonderful work.  I wish I had some pictures from that!

We made our way up to campus after that, and met up with some ruggers for dice games and a beverage or two.  Dinner was at this new place in town called Taco Dan's.  Built in the back of a thrift shop is this little kitchen where they make tacos, nachos, burritos, and chimichangas along with a wide variety or mixed drinks that come by glass or pitcher.  We got a few pitchers of T-bone (vodka, mango, and pineapple juice) and played a round of Kings while we ate up our dinners.  

After a rough night on Friday and a lot of money spent on food in the last tow days we opted for a night in of beer, drinking games, and hair chalk.

check out those sweet colors!

 Me with my rugby little, Nerney

Hannah and Gummi

We finished the night with a viewing of the classic cartoon Peter Pan.

All in all a wonderful weekend. 

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