April 16, 2013


Congratulations to myself because today I have reached over 1,000 views!  
And not only that, but Sharm Hour has been seen in over a dozen different countries- from Canada, France, Germany, Czech Republic, and Poland all the way to India, Australia, Russia, and South Korea.  I truly never imagined that would happen!

I started Charm Hour becuase I literally have projects going constantly.  I'm even known for bringing many of them to class, which reasonably leads to people asking me what I'm working on.  I often get asked how things turned out, and I thought, "Well, I like taking pictures.  Why not take pictures of my projects and put them online?"  I felt very silly about it at first, and didn't even tell anyone about it except Joe.  I kept thinking, "who would care about what I'm doing?"and get all self-conscious that having a blog would make me seem narcissistic.

BUT, I myself love looking at other people's blogs.  And I love seeing the truly creative things people come up with.  And I figured that you never know, maybe one of my projects would encourage someone else to try a new project, or figure out how to do cables, or just pick up that scarf they've been working on for what seems like ever but never finished.  Crafting brings me so much joy and relaxation.  Stressful day? I reach for that yarn (and a glass of wine, but hey it's all in moderation). I love creating something new, especially when I get to see someone's face when you give them something totally unique and special.

Thank you to everyone who has stopped to look at this humble little blog.  

I truly hope that you enjoy looking at the pictures and trying out the projects as much as I do.

To celebrate this exciting day Oy and I went on a long walk to enjoy the spectacularly warm weather (hey, I'm from upstate NY, 55 is totally warm to me) and take pictures of all the flowers starting to come up!

It would be a little unreasonable to put up all 115 pictures I took, but I'll put up a few of my favorites:

you can barely see it, but there's a little honeybee in the upper middle!

 daffodils!  they always make me think of those very old fashioned phones.

 even Oy stopped to smell the flowers

 I don't know what these flowers are- some seem planted and then some take over entire yards

 the whole next batch is from this amazing garden on our block that literally is her whole front yard.

it's breathtaking at full bloom.

 it doesn't get much cuter than a radio flyer full of flowers.

this one is my favorite:

 I really like dandelions.

 Oy, being a downright idiot sometimes, actually started trying to eat one of these thorny branches.
Not his best move.

And if your flowers don't come up, you can always plant forks.

I honestly have no idea what this is all about.

The first tulips of the season!

These next few were taken at Cheney Mansion, run by the Park District of Oak Park

 Oy takes these things pretty seriously.

Today has truly been a very exciting blessing.  
Not only did I hit 1,000 views (now we're up to 1,111), but I actually have had my most views ever in one day (so far 145), but I also got an unbelievable 102% on a final exam I took this morning AND, last but certainly not least, we finally have running water in our apartment again!  Talk about an incredibly fantastic day.  And this long, warm, sunny walk with my canine and my camera didn't hurt either.

Again, thank you for everything, my wonderful readers!
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