April 23, 2013

Friday's Festivities: Roomie Reunion!

Ellie, Kimbrey, Milo, me, and Hannah

My trip started with a trip to Indy on a Megabus.  Being a nervous Nellie, I showed up twenty minutes early afraid it would leave without me.  This was a great decision as it was 35, snowing, and very windy.  Obviously, the bus came over an hour late at the exact time I was paying for a coffee across the street, necessitating a panicked run with my excessively large suitcase and backpack.  But I made it!

And I had coffee and a donut, so I was a happy camper, even though I was very awkward trying to juggle these things while getting out my kindle for the long ride.  Somewhere around this time I realized I forgot my toiletries, iPod, headphones, and stuffing for my little hexagons which had seemed like the perfect project to work on during my travels. I'm not the best packer.  I had a traumatic incident as a kid when I was too embarrassed to tell anyone I forgot to pack underwear for my week long trip, so I learned that it's okay to admit you messed up and took a few trips for toiletries already.  One day I'll grow up, I swear.  But now that I have a toothbrush (did I mention I forgot my replacement on my first night in Columbus?  ... geez), toothpaste, mascara, and hair clips I should probably survive.  I'm in a house full of ladies, so I should be able to hunt down the rest.

Hannah was gracious enough to pick me up in Indy so we could drive all the way to Columbus together (thank you again, beautiful!).  We could definitely tell we were in Ohio when we parked behind a car sporting this ridiculous magnet:

We met up with the ladies for a lovely dinner at Haiku, in Short North, where we obviously spent the whole time eating off each other's plates.  I even took a page out of my mom's book and in talking with my hands spilled a drink on the two ladies unfortunate enough to be seated across from me.  We were all very thankful that it was just water and not my real drink, because that would have been such a waste.  We've all got our priorities in the right place.

Which is why we had to stop on the way home for an alcohol run to Giant Eagle.  I was very excited to find that they had Gennessee Beer- it's from my hometown! - and it was seriously $3.99 for a 6-pack of 16 ounce cans.  I forgot how cheap basically everything is in Ohio.  It's beautiful.  They also have Yuengling, which I love. I also got myself a box of cereal in classic Courtney fashion, as I eat dry cereal ALL THE TIME.  So much so that my friend Alyssa bought me Kix and Cheerios as a high school graduation gift.

We all caught up on new and old gossip, petted the numerous doggies and kitties present, and engaged in several exciting rounds of beer pong.  And before I go on let me just say that these pictures are alarmingly unflattering, so don't judge.

This little cutie is Ellie's dog, Mister.  He is the most precious and terrified Chihuahua I have ever met.  And Hannah loves basically every animal ever, so they obviously became besties.

 Mister and I are being romantic

Even our friend, Chris, got chummy with our canine companions. 

The little guy is Paolo (our friend Betsy's dog), and the bigger fluffy feller is Porter.  Porter is Kimbrey's dog, and he is the calmest, sweetest, quietest dog I have ever met.

 Chris and I were not exactly winning at beer pong

Kimbrey, Milo, and Betsy

Hannah and I finished off our night at Chris' house with some episodes of Adventure Time (I seriously don't get that show) and Plant Earth.  The best parts of Chris' apartment are the disco ball in the shower and this wonderful painting:

Needless to say, it was amazing to see everyone again.

I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends in my life.

a special thank you to Ellie's mama for always sending amazing holiday gifts
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