April 08, 2013

Modern Bobble Baby Blanket

I was hooked on baby blankets this past winter.  This one was actually made a few months ago for one of the cutest babies around, and I have finally found time to post it.   This ended up being more long and skinny than I intended, because I ran out of yarn, but I'm still pretty happy with the final product.

Also, this is not my original pattern, just one that I found online and loved.  It came from Moogly Blog, and was called Blackberry Salad Striped Afghan, for the bright colors they alternated between.

For my version I opted to do a more modern take and use high contrast colors.  The yarn is Loops & Threads Impeccable Solids in Chocolate and Aran.

Plus, all those little bobbles seem fun for little grabby baby hands.

You Need:

size I/ 9/ 5.5 mm hook
worsted weight yarn in colors of your preference
(I used Impeccable Solids in Chocolate and Aran)


ch: chain
sc: single crochet
dc: double crochet
dc5tog: double crochet 5 together

To dc5tog:  yarn over, insert hook through the stitch, yarn over and pull through, yarn over and pull through 2 loops.  do this five times- you should have 6 loops on your hook.  yarn over and pull through all 6 stitches.

If that doesn't make sense, look at the tutorial here.

The Pattern:

Cast on 155 stitches.  Add (or subtract) in multiples of 4 to adjust the size to taste.
(the pattern creator recommends 115 for a baby, 167 for a lap blanket, 331 for a queen size blanket, or  399 for a king size blanket - just keep going in fours until it's big enough for what you want)

Row 1: dc in 4th chain from hook.  dc across, ch 1 and turn.
Row 2: sc 4 stitches.  (dc5tog in next stitch, sc in 3 stitches) and repeat across row, sc 1, turn.
Row 3:  (switch to next color if you like) ch 3, turn. dc across, ch 1, turn.
Row 4:  sc 2 stitches, (dc5tog, sc 3) and repeat across, sc 2. 
Row 5: (switch to net color if your link) ch 3, turn, dc across, ch1, turn.

Repeat rows 2-5 until your blanket is complete.

While crocheting, the rows on dc should be the right side, and the bobbles should be made on the wrong side.

 This is what the edge of mine looked like.

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